Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative regularly produces 18 varieties of cheeses. Seasonal artisan varieties are produced in limited quantities as are sheep milk butter and yogurt.


Creamier and spicier than a cow’s milk pepperjack cheese. Pairs well with any cracker or bread, and a flavorful addition to a cheese tray. Phenomenal in nachos and BLTs!

Pecorino Wiscono

Sharp but mild in flavor. Similar to the Tulum and Veneto and pairs well with crispy multigrain crackers. Pecorino Wiscono is also excellent for cooking and adds excellent flavor to Italian dishes.

Dante Lamb

This cheese mellows notably after opening. Fresh from the package the flavor is strong and unique. It pairs well with any cracker or bread, as well as Muriel Rioja wine.


Our most popular cheese, Dante is made with 100% pure sheep milk and aged a minimum of six months, DANTE has a rich, nutty flavor with a firm and somewhat dry texture.


Smooth texture; sharp and dry flavor, this cheese pairs well with salty and buttery crackers. A wonderful cheese grated over pasta and salads. Pair with dry Mead wine.


Blended milk (sheep & cow), creamy texture, slightly strong and sharp flavor. Moist to the touch with some similarities to Feta cheese. Pairs well with artisan crackers, salad, and Mediterranean food.

Sheep Jack

Smooth and Creamy cheese is easy for even the most choosy among us to enjoy. Pairs well with buttery crackers and breads. Use on pizza and Italian food, or on nachos and Mexican food.

Somerset White Cheddar

Smooth and Creamy Double Gloucester English Cheese. Squeaks like a cheese curd; sharpness comes through at end. Pairs well with any cracker or bread and is a crowd pleaser.

Sheep Cheddar

Good flavor, lighter than a cow’s cheddar. Creamy, refreshing, almost melts in your mouth. It pairs well with any cracker and is wonderful for cooking or baking.

Blue Hills Bleu

Creamy; bold bleu flavor pairs well with buttery and salty crackers and many breads. Different wines bring out different flavors of our bleu. Bleu is excellent in salads and with steaks.

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